At precisely 4:48am a clap of thunder startled me awake. As hoped, the weeklong experiment with getting up a half hour earlier each day really paid off.  I was up and at ‘em and jumped into the shower.  As part of my pre trip planning, I assembled my clothes ahead of time for the long day of travel. Not having to think about what to wear on travel day is just another little thing I try to remember to do to help make the day as stress and conflict free as possible.

Julie was up right behind me and went to the kitchen and prepared our cup of hot fresh squeezed lemon water. As she was stepping into the shower, Julie advised we (meaning me) needed to return the handful of travel books to the Highland Park Library before our departure. So I made our Almond/Coconut milk, pineapple, mango, chia with a splash of coconut nectar smoothi; left hers on the bathroom counter and headed out to the library.

It’s only a few blocks away, and the drive revealed that there had indeed been a big blow during the wee hours of the morning as the streets were covered with leaves and twig debris. I met the very pleasant and chipper newspaper delivery lady dropping off the Dallas Morning News and New York Times. I helped her out by dropping them and our books into the night deposit.

Upon arriving back home, Julie was putting the finishing touches on her packing, and impossibly, we were ready to go half an hour before our Uber driver was to arrive. We had a nice drive with James who even left me some health insurance brochures. We arrived at Terminal E precisely at 7am for our 10:15 flight to JFK. The Delta counter was sparsely populated with customers and the Delta associate was very helpful with our check in process. We are TSA PreCheck and have our Global Entry Cards and sped right through security (hence part of the chirpy nature of this posting!).

We don’t have seat assignments to JFK as a result of our “bargain tickets” so we will figure that out at the gate. Having a few hours to kill before the flight, we moseyed over to the Sky Club and met more friendly Delta employees. We’ve enjoyed a light continental breakfast of hard boiled eggs and fresh fruit and Starbucks coffee: fully loaded for Julie, decaf for me. Julie thinks we get along better when I’m not juked up on caffeine. It does make me sad to see heavy travelers stand at the bagel and bread trays munching on a fist full of bread while their bagels get toasted. If only they knew what a little cup of oatmeal could do for their cholesterol. Sigh.  Yep, and they are back again: toast, and repeat.

I would like to mention here that for the first time in 35 years, Julie  and I are travelling without a camera bag. This week, Julie stepped into the present. She is using her new iPhone 7Plus to photo-journal this trip. We are hoping the commercials are at least halfway true.  I am hoping we can figure out how to let you be the judge!

If you have read any of the previous posts, you will see that I am using my song lyrics to preamble my thoughts. Since this blog is all a stream of consciousness, I thought it would be a fun experiment to have a starting place with the song lyric. And since we had a helluva storm that I slept through last night, “Sunlight” would be a nice starting point. If you would like for me to send you mp3’s of any of the songs I mention, just let me know. Otherwise you can find my family band TrueHeart on iTunes, and checkout my website at to hear Holy Signs.

Unless something “exciting” happens, I will next blog tomorrow, from Lake Como!



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