Isn’t it fun how time changes pace? It seems just yesterday I was digging around the internet for cheap fares to Europe to help Hugues celebrate his birthday, that was the fall of 2016. And now I’m in that pre-frantic mode trying to not forget any last minute items, tasks, obligations and honey do’s.

Traveling is something we enjoy doing, seeing new things, meeting new people and cultures. But sometimes we get stuck in the rut of waiting for the perfect time, budget, health, weather, season to actually live our lives. I’m glad we stepped out into this lark, that we have friends such as Hugues and Catherine to keep us in their thoughts so that we can share this special event with them.  It will be what we choose to make of it. The fact that we’ve made it this far, should be our Holy Sign.

I found a post on line from Brooks Brothers about how best to fold a suit. I hope my tux makes it with out the need for major steam ironing. I’d never though about turning one side of the jacket inside out and nested inside the other shoulder to keep the padding in the shoulders from getting crushed. I do reckon they know what they are talking about.

The rest of it is pretty mundane. I chose to not pack by day, but layer things in the bag in a manner in which I though gave them the best opportunity to not become impossibly wrinkled. Of course, all bets are off if an inspection takes place. There’s no telling what I will land in Milan with.

Tonight is my last night of my “catch up with Jet Lag” experiment. I’ve been going to bed an hour earlier for a week, getting up this morning at 4am, trying to get my body clock somewhat acclimated. I got my yard work done two hours before dawn, in the light of the blinking traffic signal on our corner. It was a surreal strobe like experience, in red and green Christmas tones.

Upon arrival, we are going to experiment with the $10 per day international mobile phone plan at&t offers. If we use a phone to reach a cell tower, they will charge that line $10.00 for 24 hours. If we can remember to use WiFi calling and pay attention to our maps, we can probably keep that expense to a minimum, otherwise, if we are not careful, and don’t keep the phones on Airplane Mode except in an emergency, we could get home with a $240 kicker on our bill. If we don’t use it, we don’t pay, so it’s up to us to be good stewards of that budget item. Plus, I’d rather spend the money on wine anyway!

Uber is supposed to arrive at 6:15am and that is coming quicker “than a minner swim a dipper” so my next post should be on the other side of Security. And if we make it that far, surely that is a Holy Sign too! Bon Nuit!


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