There are some places you think you have been to, only because you dream about them. Lake Como is such a place

Day  2

Lake Como: It has been a long time!

Okay, so, who knew?

We began our day with a continental breakfast at the hotel: Grand Victoria. So, um, it was passable to be polite. I would forego the breakfast at the hotel and wander through the village and find  something with sunshine and a view. Julie warned me The Grand Victoria is nothing like “The Shining” but this time of year? Yeah, it kind of is. There is a German couple they placed next to us in room 102. We are the only people in the hotel. One of the people in 102 snores like a busted chain saw. It kept us up for way too long last night. What would it have hurt to separate the two couple staying in your 70 room hotel atleast one room apart? How professionals cannot understand these small nuances is a mystery. My score just because of that, for this hotel is 6 out of 10. Otherwise I would have rated it much higher. The location and view from our balcony, this time of year, is God inspired.

Aside from that? It was a spectacular day! We started at Villa Carlotta. We walked the gardens for 90 minutes and got lots of great gardening and landscaping ideas! The Villa itself was well appointed and full of period artwork.

We found a neighborhood café and had lunch on the shores of Lake Como. The food is exquisitely present and tastes fresh and delicious. Our view on the lake was of Bellagio and the Villa Marzi. We took the ferry across the lake to Bellagio to visit Villa Marzi. It reminded me of the ferry from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island, but shorter in endurance.


The Villa Marzi and grounds around are really fine and the crisp exquisite weather makes one wonder why one would ever leave such a place. But alas, Hugues 50th beacons and we are only a week away and many miles to travel!

At the Villa Carlotta today, we walked many acres of a really fine arboretum. On our walk we came face to face with a German couple. As we passed one another on the path, we said “good morning”. The German man asked if we were “English?”  I said “No”. He said: How do you say ‘hello’? I said: “Howdy!”  He said: “Howdy?” I said yeah: Howdy! He said: “Where are you from?” I said: “We are from Texas!” He said: “Oh I knew you were not from England because you are dressed too nice. The English dress is shorts and t-shirts.” I guess it just goes to show, that if you show respect, in what ever way you can to the country and place you are visiting, you can fool some of the people most of the time. Would we prefer to be in gym shorts and t shirts? Maybe. But, there is something to acquitting oneself in a way that doesn’t draw attention in a negative way.

As we travel, we try to not broadcast that we are not from here. It is evident enough to everyone that we are foreigners. We don’t need to advertise our college football team or professional team from the states as we visit the local special places of interest. We dress nicely, not in exofficio travel clothes, but in nice, comfortable, wearablce clothing that doesn’t scream: REI or Whole Earth Provisions.

The ferry ride across the lake was super and we watched helicopters drop loads of water on a wild fire in the mountains, and remembered fondly the visit to Villa Melzi, Prosecco at the Bar San Reno in Bellagio, and a fine dinner at La Conca in Mennagio.

The day was perfection. Lake Como was the perfect host: calm, cool, inviting. Tomorrow we depart this thin place on planet earth for Torino. A place new to both of us, and home to the Shroud of Tourin!


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