Today we left Menaggio for Torino (Turin).  Day 3. We were sad to depart The Grand Victoria Hotel.

The beauty of Lago Como is unparalled anywhere I have ever seen, except perhaps, Lago Maggiore, the sister lake a few kilometers to the west. We stayed at Stressa a few years ago with Leigh and Chuck Smith and were equally smitten with the area. Lemon Cello was involved as I foggily recall.

The drive from Menaggio to Como is tedious one and a half lanes for many kilometers. But once you get to the main highway – the A9 – it is three lane high speed traffic. Each lane has a minimum speed limit: the left lane 90kph, the middle lane 60kph and the left lane 40kph.  It took us nearly as long to get to Torino from Milano as it did to get from Menaggio to Milano.

The drive into Torino is not promising; the city is stereotypical urban, grey, untidy. Then upon getting into the city centre, it is typically medieval Italian, It is walkable with railed urban transit. Ancient Roman ruins, cathedrals from the 15th and 16th centuries, restaurants and shopping galore.

Our B&B is in the centre of the ancient city and our hosts are terrific. The accommodations are as we would have at home, and it is very comfortable.

Tomorrow we head for wine country, Monaco and Eze, France!

Bon Nuit!


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